Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pawpaw Season 2: Admitting Failure.

Kaleidoscope Farms Mt. Cory, Ohio. Another season of pawpaw hunting with the ever-generous tree farmer Dave Reese.

Dave planted new pawpaw trees, but the deer munched on most of them.

Pawpaws: Season 2.

Haven't lost my gatherer instinct.

In the bag.

For pawpaw bread.

Scrapping the membrane--which contains a lot of flavor--from each and every seed.

 Finally a perfect loaf of pawpaw bread.


Food Columnist to the Falcons!

This past summer I was invited to be the food columnist for our campus paper BG NEWS.

My good friend, summer editor-in-chief, and former student AMB  hooked me up with this amazing gig, and I'm staying on staff this fall and, if Pulse editor Matt L. will have me, for a long while.

While I'm still learning AP style (I'm an MLA geek), each week I'm even more energized by food and food writing because of the work I do for the Pulse.

Matt's favorite piece might be the one about Twilight, but I'm quite the fan of my piece this week about competitive eating.

In a sense I feel like a brand new writer. I keep remember the days back in undergrad when I decided that poetry was my life. I started emulating all of my favorite poets--Jane Kenyon, Daisy Fried, Campbell McGrath. Only now I feel like I'm imitating Jim Harrison, Molly Wizenberg, and Steve Almond while trying to hold steady my own voice and be the ever-charming me.

I'm not sure I'm worth a damn as a food writer, but I sure enjoy it. And I'd sure be delighted if you subscribed to my BG NEWS food column here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For the love of Tomatoes!

Tomatoes from our friends' Anna & Jesse's Garden
The September issue of Connotation Press' From Plate to Palate is live and ready for a thorough read.

This month check out a special late summer issue devoted to our friend, the vegetable (no, fruit...), the Tomato.

And if you're a aspiring food writer, please submit your essays of yummy today!