Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Resolutions (Of Sorts)

Every new year I make a list of resolutions--most of which I abandon at the end of January.

Last year I wanted to bake our bread instead of buying it. I attempted one loaf that was way too dense to eat. I'm okay with buying bread from Zingerman's at Happy Badger; it tastes better. I did cook with rutabagas, though, with much success. There were other resolutions too, but I've forgotten them.

This year my only resolution is to not have resolutions. To not limit myself to list but be open to whatever adventures arise.

And turn this blog into a space for ??? (??? = something but I don't know what).

While I'm figuring out the ???, be sure to check out my BG News column every Friday and From Plate to Palate at Connotation Press.

Until the next post, eat more offal.

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