Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Little Burrito Craves Mayo

My godson, Little Burrito, has moved onto baby food, and from what his mama says, he enjoys it quite a bit. Here's a very funny email Little Burrito's mama sent me about his recent food discovery:

"[Little Burrito] tries to grab everything within reach now and he is so close to rolling completely over. He squawks and makes his little pterodactyl noises all the time! He hadn't really started to try and grab things yet and I was making a sandwich for my lunch and he was sitting in the Bumbo and his sister says, "Mommy - Frankie wants the mayonnaise." I turned around and he had leaned clear over the side of the Bumbo and had a fistful of mayo! I almost died!"

This image still has me in stitches.

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