Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics Pizza Party

In honor of the XXI Olympics we had a pizza party with our good friends J, A, and Babs.

J & A made two delicious pizzas. One with a pesto sauce with mozz and fresh tomatoes, and the other with pizza sauce, fresh peppers and tomatoes. Of course, they homemade the dough; they used wheat and white flours.

FD & I made a pepperoni, salami, blend oyster-crimini-portobello mushrooms, and kalmata olives with pizza sauce. And, of course, we homemade our dough too.

Also, I put together a salad bar of kinds: organic salad mix, cukes, carrots, onions, edible flowers, kalamata olives, and radishes (which I tamed with salt and lemon). I offered two homemade salad dressings: a white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. (Will do a blog post soon with the recipes.)

But the main attraction of the evening was Babs' Ed's Chocolate Cake.

As we know, I suck at baking, but I need to learn to make this cake.

It rocks my world.


To the point, I give it a Gold Medal.

BTW, I'm enjoying the Olympics. They rock too.

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