Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dishing Out Some Dishes

We've been making some good eats, but over the past month I haven't had too much time to post them.

Finally, I have some time.

This 'za is one of the best we've made in awhile. Turkey pepperoni, local onions, local shiitake mushrooms.

Vension steak with local heirloom green beans steamed with onions and vinegar and mashed local potatoes with bleu cheese and port caramelized onions. Both side dishes came from the 2009 Cook's Illustrated Fall Entertaining issue. The port caramelized onions were beyond the bomb. They were off the hook!

Finally, Roasted Beet Soup. One of the most delicious soups I've made in a long time. But messy to make. At least for me. I had the bright idea to use my immersion blender rather than my food processor. Most times this is a good idea. This time it wasn't. My French oven is huge, and there wasn't really enough beets to puree, which caused quite a bit of splatter. Enough that FD walked in the kitchen and asked, "Who did you just murder?"

I'll make it again, though, because it was that delicious! Thanks, Carrie, for recommending that recipe to me.

After another section of grading and three more cups of echinacea tea with lots of lemon and honey for this crazy sore throat I have, I forsee me spending some quality time in the kitchen and whipping up some more good eats!

(Dishes not pictured: Jamie Oliver's recipe for pesto; bacon-wrapped divers with walleye and rainbow chard and a side of pasta with pesto; Moosewood black bean casserole; Zingermann's peppered bacon cheddar scone with scrambled eggs; spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and local greens; and tofu curry with local blue potatoes. Suddenly, I'm starving...)


  1. What brand of immersion blender do you use? Do you like it?

    I had a super cheapo Hamilton Beach immersion blender that just died on me. This means I can seriously upgrade.

    I'm looking at Kitchen Aids, which are the priciest at $50, or would the cheaper $30 Cuisinart be just as good?

  2. Hey, girl! I've got a Cook's Illustrated that talks about immersion blenders. I have a Kitchen Aid one that has several attachments, one of which is a mini food processor, which is the bomb. If memory serves me right, Cook's Illustrated like Cuisinart stick blenders more than Kitchen Aid. Let me see if I can't find that issue for you...

  3. hey! awesome blog! your venison steak and green bean et al. recipes sound delicious. i'm just wondering if you used a marinade for the venison and, if not, did it turn out gamey? my husband does some hunting occasionally and we have struggled to prepare venison without the overpowering flavor of soy sauce. thanks :)

  4. Victoria, thanks for your comment! We don't marinade our venison. We just use salt and pepper or create spice rubs. We usually just sear it on the stove top or grill it. We've found that marinades really make the meat more gamey. I hope that helps! Good luck!