Monday, January 18, 2010

The 67th Golden Globes

In honor of a tradition that stems from a good friend from grad school, I hosted a Golden Globe party last night. Guests were required to fill out ballots and a grand prize was awarded to the one who guessed the most wins. In addition to this healthy competition I upped the ante and help a "best appetizer" contest as well that had a nice grand prize too!

There's nothing like opening the door to guests with elaborate dishes and determined game faces.

While being a hostess is in itself very rewarding, I didn't have a chance to take a picture of each app. However, I'm going to do my best to recount each dish.

The grand prize winner: bacon-wrapped dates. A date wrapped in bacon is a perfect date for the Golden Globes. (Horrible pun intended.)

Also on the menu: bite-sized Caesar salad phillo cups; fresh from Sarah L.'s backyard hens deviled eggs with homemade mayo, caviar, and chives; red curry salmon bites; prosciutto bites with basil and cream cheese; mini Oreo crust cheesecakes; cranberry and sauerkraut meatballs, chocolate mascarpone toffee squares; and tomato swiss canapes.

I omitted myself from the competition, but I made chile-corn custard squares, spice crispies, and pimento cheese. (Please visit links for recipes.) The pimento cheese seemed to be the biggest hit of the apps I prepared, and it was definitely the easiest to prepare. I liked the spice crispies a lot. And the chile-corn custard squares were good but a little greasy; I don't think I'd oil the non-stick pan before baking.

And where there is good food there is always good company! I have to thank all of our guests for their generous and adventurous spirits. Seriously, it was the first party I've ever hosted where I left everyone gel and become a community of common folk. It was divine. I'm lucky to have such fabulous friends.

Congrats to Sarah L.--the app AND Golden Globes winner! She swept all the categories. In true Hollywood style.

Now, if only I could feel content that Sandra Bullock won best actress in a drama...

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  1. This was such a fabulous party, and I was honored to be part of it!

    Here's the link to the recipe for my 1st place almond-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates.