Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food for Thought

For the next 15 weeks I'm excited to say I'm on a food adventure with 10 exceptional Honors students.

For my food-theme Academic Writing class, we're discussing food as it affects identity, health, culture, economies, and many other aspects of our lives.

Today Lucy Long is visiting our class to talk about foodways and, specifically, her article "Green Bean Casserole and Midwestern Identity: A Regional Foodways Aesthetic and Ethos."

Of course I had to make two versions of green bean casserole to celebrate our special guest. To read about my reflections while cooking up these traditional casseroles, visit my Honors blog, where I'll be posting many more reflections about our class and our discussions revolving around food.


01/24/10 -- Update

It seems most of the students enjoyed the homemade casserole (the one in the white dish) more so than the Campbell's soup one because it was less salty and had "more flavor." I wonder, though, if there wasn't something subconscious about the term "homemade" that possibly made the students feel more emotional connection with that one. I remember being a student and craving anything "homemade." I'm excited to continue this food adventure with other dishes. Stay tuned.

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