Wednesday, January 27, 2010

JB's Sarnie Shoppe

Think New York deli.

No think Levis Commons.

Belinda Carlise, you were right; "Heaven is a place on earth."

Welcome to JB's Sarnie Shoppe.

Located on the cul-de-sac in Levis Commons, JB's is the go-to shoppe for thick, fresh, ultra-tasty deli sandwiches (aka sarnie to the Brits. Imagine Jamie Oliver talking to you about sandwhiches.) JB's use only the best ingredients: fresh baked bread (including a Gluten-Free one!), crisp veggies, and my fav, Boar's Head lunch meat.

The Shoppe offers their own favorites that range from the Traditional Reuben to the vegetarian friendly Veggie Sarnie as well as Build-Your-Own sandwiches with an array of meats (oven roasted chicken to mortadella), cheeses (cheddar to goat), veggies (lettuce to portabella caps), and sauces (mustard to tapanade).

During my visit with FD and Babs I was drawn to the daily special board. For one reason and one reason only: The Amanda Sandwich. Roasted Beef, Brie, Tomato, Asparagus, and low fat herb mayo on 7 Grain & Grilled. Yes, if I was a sandwich, this just might be me. (Honestly, I'm not that much of an ego-maniac; I just should resist ordering myself.)

Served with a HUGE dill pickle, my sandwich was rich, velvety, crunchy, chewy, and just plain good. That's sounds about what someone who took a bite out of me might get.

I scarfed mine down. Against my better judgment and all my Weight Watchers practice. The sandwich was New York size. (Pictured with a few bites taken out of it; I just couldn't wait!) Thick with meat, slathered in low fat mayo, oozing with Brie, and brimming with asparagus. Inventive and flavorful, the Amanda stood out, but near the end it was a bit overwhelming. (Again, that's pretty accurate in terms of me.)

I'm still not sure how felt about the asparagus. Some bites were full of love; others not so much. But I did like its flavor with the Brie.

FD had #5 Cuban. He reported that he liked it and would get it again (JB's orders the ciabatta from a bakery in Miami), but he wished he had stuck to a classic like the Reuben or Italian. This is a place where it's hard not to have sandwich-envy or regret for not getting something...

Babs had #3 Turkey Avocado. She said it was good, but it tasted like a good sandwich. I'm thinking JB's is a place where you want to go big. Get a classic or get a unique flavor profile. Babs and I decided if you want healthy, buy the lunch meat from them and make your own at home.

All regular Sarnies are $6.99 with a pickle or a side of chips.

Besides Boar's Head lunch meat and condiments, JB's serves salads, soups, and smoothies. Kids meals are available.

Open for lunch and dinner (Monday-Saturday 9-9 and Sundays 11-7), this is a great stop after a movie or some shopping. And I plan to make visits from BG just to eat there. It's a much shorter wait then Biaggi's and a bit more fun. They also offer catering services for all those events that need good eats, such as the Superbowl.

The only drawback: pop and smoothies are the only beverage choices. FD kept raving that his sandwich would have been so much better with a microbrew. But bars are located with Levis Commons if you need to wet your whistle after your sarnie.

JB's Sarnie Shoppe is the perfect solution to your New York deli cravings. And, if you're lucky during your visit, maybe you'll even be able to eat a sandwich bearing your name.

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