Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Broadbent Porto Auction Reserve

I love a good story.

And the label on this Port has a fantastic story. It begin, "Wine is art." I call that a good hook. But then it gets even better: "Auction Reserve celebrates the first 'Fine Wine' auction at Christie's in 1966...Lot 1 of the auction was Port."

Christie's and wine in the same sentence makes my heart skip a beat. Add to it Port, and I'm in love.

New to drinking Port, commonly known as a dessert wine, I found this one to be the best yet. It was rich but subtle. Smooth but fiesty. And it pairs fine with quality chocolate or even a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. We had it with a "light" fruit crisp and I imagined my mouth a 70's swinger lounge: plush carpets, rich velvets, dim lights, lots of love.

This Port was a bit on the expensive side because it is sold by the half bottle (which is perfect for a 2 person household or a small dinner party), but I assure you it is worth every single penny.

$17.99 Maumee Wines, Maumee

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