Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wine: Altos Las Hormigas Malbec 2008 Argentina

We opened the Altos Malbec two evenings ago--amidst multi-tasking with laundry, food prep for a gathering the next evening, getting the dog his dinner, helping a friend who locked her keys in her car, etc. etc.--to have with our Leftover-Love Casserole.

I didn't really think about the wine or reviewing it that evening. I was busy.

But then I thought about that wine this morning in the shower, and I actually remembered it.

The first taste was like 4th of July in my mouth. The moment is rolled over my tongue it was like a big firework surprise--the one that kicks off the spectacle! Then a few moments of smaller bursts that I appreciated. Then a grand moment after a particular big sip.

This Malbec was fruity and spicy. Complex but fun.

However, I would not label this Malbec as a drinking wine. It's best with food to bring out a spiciness--like the hot chili pepper in the Leftover-Love Casserole--or to spice up a boring meal.

While I would get this wine again, I would rather experience other Malbecs so I can learn more about them.

$8.99, Maumee Wines, Maumee

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