Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wines: Some Whites

Stella Pinot Grigio from Italy: Richard from Maumee Wines ranted about how fabulous this wine was. In the moment of wine-buying we were with him. Right now after drinking it, not so much.

Maybe I just don't understand white wines like reds, but this wine tasted good without being anything special. It's fine with pasta, fish, or chicken, but it wasn't anything special.

$8.99, Maumee Wines, Maumee.


On the other hand, if the 2008 Mapema Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina was a girl, she'd be one of my best friends.

It's sassy and has swagger.

It reminds me of the time when I took FD on his birthday to a Steely Dan concert in Cleveland and this group of sassy women started cheering when they said, "Here's 'FM.'" The group of women started jumping, grinding, and singing. And trust me, these were sassy women, not some crazed fans.

I was scared.

I was fascinated.

Emotions this wine re-kindled.


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