Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maumee Wines: Maumee, Ohio

During our visit to Revolver Restaurant this week, we asked their wine expert, Rachel, where she goes to her wine, and she recommended Maumee Wines in Maumee, Ohio.

Of course, the next day we visited Maumee Wines.

At Maumee Wines, we met Richard Fortney, owner, wine connoisseur, and gourmand. Immediately after introducing ourselves and stating Rachel recommended his wine shop to us, Richard launched into finding wines we like that were in our price range ($10-$15). Initially we vowed to only buy a bottle or two. Anyone who knows us, though, knows that just silliness; we left with a case.

Of our case, we've tried two wines so far:

A 2006 Chianti by Castello Sonnino from Italy: When we cook we usually have a before-meal glass and then wine with our meal. What's interesting about this wine is we didn't like it on its own. It needs food for its body to really come alive. We had it with homemade light Pesto, Buitoni Whole Wheat Tortellini, and Broccoli from Homestead Gardens. Sipping after a taste of food the wine opened up. It was spicy and cut the basil and garlic in the pesto perfectly. The finish was smooth and subtle. A great Italian dinner wine for $11.99. Do not drink without food.

A 2007 Saint-Esprit Cotes-Du-Rhone from France (obviously): A fantastic drinking wine, I could see this bottle pairing well with Indian food (as Richard recommended) as well as Thai or simply pizza. We cracked open this bottle after going to Pizza Papalis and found it to be perfect on its own with the lingering taste of deep dish pizza on our palates. Definitely a wine I will buy again, especially for the price: $10.99.

Maumee Wines is located at 2556 Parkway Plaza, Maumee, OH 43537. (419) 893-2525.

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