Friday, August 7, 2009

Dinner: Burgers with Blue Potato Oven Fries & Eggplant Sautee

Thursday I picked up these vibrant miniature eggplants and some
fantastic blue potatoes at the Perrysburg Farmers Market, and FD picked up some goregous green tomatillos, which he used to make a fantastic salsa, which became the condiment for his burger.

While FD manned the grill and oversaw the burgers, I oven-roasted the potatoes in olive oil, cumin, and paprika, and I sauteed the eggplants, some butto
n mushrooms, onions, and green beans in olive oil and garlic.

The sautee was spontaneous, so I need to make some revisions. I would add the minature eggplants in the last couple of minutes with the green beans so there was more crunch, and I think I would cube them rather than slice them the next time I make this dish. A little parm grated on top would have livened them up a bit too.

The hunt for eggplant-based recipes begins.

Dear baby eggplants, I have a feeling we are going to become fast friends.

Dinner: Top Chef Masters, which, we were thrilled to see, had a burger quickfire challenge! A perfect match for our burger dinner.

Clean-up: She & Him in honor of Zooey Deschanel's appearance on Top Chef Masters.

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