Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Release Cookbook Wish List

Thanks, Eat Me Daily, for the Fall 2009 Cookbook Preview!


  1. Have you heard of Roast in Detroit? This post made me think of it- it's Michael Symon's new restaurant. I haven't eaten there yet, but I hear good things. It'd probably only take an hour and change to get there, so maybe it'd be a culinary field trip for you guys...

  2. Carrie, We've obsessing about our trip to Detroit to try Roast. We've been to Lola and Bar Symon, so now we need to make the trek to Lolita in Cleveland and Roast in Detroit. Some friends of ours who live in Detroit have gone to Roast and said it was divine. We're stoked to try it soon! Thansk for the comment!

  3. I know when Symon was opening the restaurant, local news asked him where he was hanging out in Detroit. His response was my favorite Detroit restaurant - Slow's BBQ. Best barbeque I've ever had. Seriously. So, maybe think of making a day of it, and include lunch there. :)