Thursday, August 20, 2009

Revolver: The World's Best 30th Birthday Dinner!

For FD's 30th birthday I wanted to do something really special.

The very rad and ultra-dear-to-my-heart Debi and Michael at Revolver Restaurant made Dan's 30th the best meal of our lives.

I requested Frank Zappa for the revolver and an eight-course meal for our bellies. Michael, Debi, and their team came through with flying colors.

Seriously, if I could I would go back every night for the next year to have that exact same dinner.

I just ate and I'm so hungry just thinking about it after posting these fine pics from the night.

Photos are of the courses I'm still obsessing over. (Too bad Blogger SUCKS at posting pictures; otherwise I would have posted EVERY course. Check out Facebook if you want to see every course.)

Amuse-bouche: cantaloup granita with arugala. Served with Cava.

Heirloom tomato salad with sea salt and balsamic gelato. Served with (and I
quote from our notes) "an Italian varietal we've never heard of before but are in love with."

Tempura-battered zucchini blossom stuffed with zucchini bread, with tomato cinnamon sauce. Served with Sauvignon blanc.

Sweet corn bisque with mascarpone cheese. Served with Chardonnay.

Sweetbreads with creamless corn,
chanterelles, pickled beet, and balasmic black garlic sauce. Served with Riesling. (Hands down the best dish of the night! A mouth orgasm!)

Dickman Farm chicken with crispy skin wafers, potatoes, heirloom beans, olives, and tomato. Served with Cote 'd Rhone.

Foie gras ravioli with shaved leeks, smoked duck breast, and cinnamon. Served with Pinot Noir. (Another mind-blowing dish!)

Aged prime rib with polenta and truffle reduction. Served with Bordeaux. (The best piece of beef I've ever had in my life. And I eat a lot of beef.)

Quatro of ice cream: cherry with bitter chocolate, coffee, blueberry with blueberry jam, and goat cheese with sea salt. Served with Port. (Heaven in my mouth.)

I can't thank Debi and Michael enough for another fantastic meal that was completely perfect. Seriously, I'm considering naming our children after them (if we have kids).

And the whole Revolver team was so completely awesome. Jonah, you're our rock star!

Thank you all for a meal FD and I will obsessing over for years to come.

Revolver, you rock & we love you!

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  1. Brilliant. I flew home from NorCal in 2007 and Bull cooked a multi-course meal for 5 of us and it was SPECTACULAR. I've eaten all over the world and my hometown has one amazing restaurant. Cheers to good eating.