Friday, August 21, 2009

I Melt for Melt

Who needs crack* when you can eat at Melt?

Located in Lakewood, Ohio, this bar decorated in kitschy light-up seasonal yard ornaments and stained glass windows with shards of beer bottles and knife blades is heaven to all who love grilled cheese sandwiches--kids and adults.

At least once a week I make myself a grilled cheese sandwich. But mine are no where near as creative and decadent as the ones found on Melt's menu. Take for instance the Big Popper (second photo)--fresh jalapeno peppers, herb cream cheese, cheddar, beer battered and served with a berry preserves dipping sauce. (What the what?!?!?) Like I said, this isn't a grilled cheese I could make at home. It's for big kids who like to eat! It's is the chef-ed-out, grown-up version. While the Big Popper was a bit too rich and spicy for my taste buds, FD polished it off with the happiest of grins.

I had the Hot Italian (third photo)--grilled salami, honey ham, pepperoni, sun-dried tomato pesto, roasted garlic and provolone. I loved this sandwich so much I wanted to make a food baby with it. Seriously, I had it once before during our first visit to Melt, and everyone at the table had food envy. I'm not over-exaggerating when I say it's hands-down the BEST italian sandwich I have ever eaten in my thirty-two years.

But hold up. My mother-in-law had the Chorizo and Potato--spicy Mexican sausage and cheddar--which was divine. The chunks of potatoes and the heat from the sausage were absolutely perfect. So much so I had a moment of food envy. Until I took another bite of my Hot Italian.

Melt has a kid's menu for kids or The Kindergarten--fresh baked bread and your choice of cheese--for those who just want grilled cheese served old school. Or you can go veggie with the Purple Parma--hand breaded eggplant, grilled tomato, sun-dried tomato pesto, and provolone--or vegan. (Yes, they have vegan American cheese!) The choices are endless and inclusive to all dietary lifestyles. I respect that.

Melt is incapable of messing up a grilled cheese. I don't live in the area, but I plan on eating there enough to try every single sandwich on the menu when we come to Cleveland to visit our families. My next trip I'm getting The Lake Erie Monster--beer battered walleye, jalapeno tartar sauce, and American cheese. Oh, and by next time, I'm talking in a matter of weeks, even if it means I have to take a vacation day from work and kennel the dog.

Besides the entertaining, comfortable atmosphere and sandwiches that will leave you craving them them everyday all day, according to FD, "Melt has the best beer menu on the effing planet!" They offer 90% microbrews and have a 100+ beers in bottles. Everything from Bud Light to specialty small batch microbrews, such as a 22 oz Double IPA for $22.50, can be found on their drink menu. It's beer paradise for beer lovers.

If we lived in Cleveland would I eat there every day? Hells yes! Melt is addictive. But unlike crack* I wouldn't ever want to shoot up Melt's food. I want to taste, chew, and swallow every single little morsel on the Fiestaware plate.

5 out of 5 stars.

* Disclaimer: I do not use crack or encourage the use of crack. I use the expression simply as a metaphor.

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  1. I live within walking distance of Melt in Lakewood! Anytime you're in the area I welcome you to enjoy it's splendor with me!