Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ben's Table, Bowling Green, Ohio: Restaurant Review

Thankfully, it's the end of fall semester. Time to catch up with all my loved ones while there are NO essays to grade.

This past Saturday morning Bowling Green was graced by a blanket of snow. (I'm a snow person, so "graced" is the right word choice for me.) My friend Sarah and I were going to go to the Toledo's Farmers Market, but the roads weren't quite clean enough yet. So I suggested breakfast, and she suggested Ben's Table.

I'm happy to report it was the best breakfast I've had in BG--sans hangover.

Ben's Table is located on South Main and seats about 50 guests. Their menu is breakfast and lunch ONLY. A godsend for a place like BG where it seems lunch out never really is worth it.

As I said, though, I started with breakfast at Ben's Table. I ordered the spinach, bacon, and Monterey Jack cheese omelet with a side of Ben's potatoes. This 3-egg omelet was delicious without being greasy and filling without being overwhelming. And being that I am a sucker for potatoes, Ben's potatoes did not disappoint. I finished every last one.

What's really refreshing about Ben's Table is their interest in serving quality food. I found the eggs to be really tasty and fresh. The bacon was crunchy, flavorful, and not fatty. The spinach was perfectly wilted, and the red potatoes were absolutely delightful. It's reassuring to eat at a local joint whose motto is "Eat Local. Eat Healthy. Be Happy."

And I was so happy I bragged to FD about my breakfast, and we had to go there for lunch today--"to keep things fair."

Their homemade soups are just what I expected--delectable. I had the black bean and ham; it was wonderful. But I had horrible food envy for FD's turkey, bacon, tomato melt and french fries. Ahhhh, more potatoes. We both played it a little safe on our orders. I didn't want a big lunch, and FD didn't want to have beef twice in one day. (We're having burgers tonight.) If we had been more adventurous, FD would have ordered Grandma's Recipe, a meatloaf sandwich, and I would have ordered the Salmon burger.

No fear: we're back Tuesday for lunch. We can try different menu items then.

The service was friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable with live plants and warm colors.

Ben's Table is open Tuesday-Saturday 7 a.m.-3 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m.-3 p.m., and closed Mondays. They offer carryout.
Ben's Table
1021 South Main Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402-4720
(419) 352-1060

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  1. I always read your reviews even though it's unlikely I'll get to eat at any of these places. This place sounds especially good. Do you cross-post your reviews at Yelp? That's where I usually check before we try a new place.