Thursday, December 10, 2009


Graciously, I was invited to join FD's poetry workshop for their potluck last night.

It was an honor to join these five creative ladies and FD for some quality dindin.

We had baked beans, scalloped potatoes, artichoke dip, cabbage roll casserole, a veggie tray, and a homemade cheese ball.

While I adored everything the ladies shared, I can't stop craving the cheese ball, which, according to its maker, "is a secret family recipe with beef." I thought it was bacon, but beef makes it way more interesting. I'm hooked. I need the recipe.

Cheese: the key to my heart. (Along with kale and a Christmas list of other things...)

But if I was Santa I would want cheese and crackers. Seriously. It's cold out. Protein is needed. Cheese is the answer.

For the record, I refrained from having more than two plates. I didn't want my host and hostesses to think I was a professional eater, even though I probably could be.

Thanks for the hospitality, all!

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