Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Bit Overdramatic But Sincere

I got this email from my local farmer yesterday:

"The deep freeze has hit us hard and the market growing season has been ended. The produce we now have to offer is in cool storage.

See next 2 pages for current produce and herb offerings. The weather is expected to be very unsettled with snow and ice possible, so delivery may be changed or delayed if conditions are bad.

Thank you for your business."

The end of the season is here. And while I love the snow, ice, and greyness of winter, I will miss my weekly veggie delivery--the potatoes, onions, lettuce mixes, radishes, cabbages, beets.

I will miss my kale.

A lot.

Sometimes I wish I lived in California.


  1. Here's an idea: you and Dan come visit us. Soon. One of the largest farmer's markets in Southern California is within walking distance from our house.

    I'm serious!

  2. Katherine, we would love to visit. I will talk with Dan. That would be RAD. We could cook together, catch up, and read poems. That's a Christmas list coming true. Love you, lady!